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How To Cope With Election Stress

  1. Take a time out from the computer, the newspapers, the TV.   Some  people are watching hours and hours of cable and broadcast news coverage each day, and what they see might be making their blood pressure and stress levels go up!  Turn off the TV, put down the newspaper, and step away from your computer and do something else that you love – engage in a hobby, spending time with your children or grandkids, maybe do a little exercise or so some shopping with a friend.
  2. Welcome humor! Laughter really is the best medicine.  While there’s been plenty in this election cycle to irritate you, there’s other things to make you do the opposite, from cat videos on YouTube to watching a sitcom on TV to tracking down old tapes of your favorite comedians – even listen to your niece or nephew tell a knock-knock joke.
  3. Engage in pleasurable activities.  Your only requirement is that you vote on November 8 Until then, focus on your job, your hobby, your volunteer work, your family – anything that will help you take your mind off everything else not having to do with making your choice at the ballot box!

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