Director of HIV Clinical Care

May 11, 2018

Position Overview:

The Director of HIV Clinical Care works in conjunction with the Medical Director and the Senior Director of Support Services to fully integrate the continuum of HIV services into the general health care program of the William F. Ryan Community Health Center (Ryan Center). This includes oversight of the clinical aspect of HIV data reporting including but not limited to AIDS Institute programs (e.g., HIVQual and the CHCQLN) and Ryan White programs, and planning for the strategic growth of HIV services. In addition, the Director of HIV Clinical Care works with the Medical Director and the Senior Director of Support Services to ensure proper local implementation of HIV Medical Care across the Ryan Network according to accepted clinical guidelines including those delineated by DHHS and the NY State AIDS Institute. The Director of HIV Clinical Care will also maintain a panel of primary care patients. This work is carried out in support of the mission and goals of Ryan Network.

Essential Functions:

Management and Development

  • Under the direction of the Senior Director of Support Services, coordinate and participate in medical record review for HIV positive and HIV/Hepatitis C co-infected patients, including the tabulation of results and distribution of reports.
  • Assess for and coordinate with Support Services the implementation of clinical and supportive staff training and development needs associated to HIV care
  • Assist in the maintenance of the Center’s confidential electronic databases including the electronic medical record (EMR) system as they relate to HIV and Hepatitis C care by ensuring data integrity.
  • Identify gaps in the Ryan Network’s delivery of HIV services and recommend needed modification of service delivery.
  • Supervise Treatment Adherence Nurse to ensure proper adherence counseling delivery to HIV patients as recommended by guidelines.
  • Supervise Care Technicians providing HIV testing and counseling to ensure proper linkage to care for HIV Care and Treatment or for services for PrEP/PEP services.
  • Assist the Senior Director of Support Services to ensure program compliance with funding and regulatory mandates, including contact with and reports to funding sources and quality assurance.
  • Ensure the Network’s compliance with all HIV confidentiality policies and guidelines in conjunction with the Director of Medical Records.
  • Remain current on issues of HIV and hepatitis care, testing, advocacy and treatment.
  • Report any unusual findings or problems pertaining to the Center’s and/or Network’s HIV services or program operations to the Executive Director, Medical Director and Senior Director of Support Services.
  • Monitor and provide training for all Ryan providers on PrEP practices and ensure proper implementation of PrEP program.
  • Coordinate care among the sites to ensure that most current HIV care and treatment guidelines are in practice.
  • Represent the Network at local and regional meetings.

Program Development, Implementation, and Monitoring

  • Review, update, and develop policies related to the development and implementation of HIV services at Ryan Center, as well as ensuring the Center’s compliance with HIV confidentiality laws.
  • In collaboration with Ryan Network’s Quality Team, ensure the development and implementation of quality improvement programming and activities for all HIV-related services, including but not limited to AIDS Institute programs (e.g. HIVQual and CHCQLN), Mount Sinai DSRIP and Ryan White)
  • Participate in monthly HIV Management Committee meetings.


  • Maintain a panel of HIV primary care patients under the supervision of the Center’s Medical Director, in accordance with the Network’s protocols, procedures, and the guidelines issued by the Federal Government and New York State AIDS Institute’s Treatment Standards.
  • Coordinate with Supervising Case Manager to ensure the provision of comprehensive medical case management services to all HIV positive patients.
  • Collaborate with Director of Care Management to ensure continuity of care of hospitalized patients as needed and maintain ongoing relationships with other health care organizations and institutions involved in the care of the Network’s patients.
  • Practice accepted infection control measures in accordance with OSHA Bloodborne Pathogens Standards, and Network Policies & Procedures.
  • Provide medical care to adult patients with acute or subacute medical problems. This responsibility includes the recognition of acute symptoms, management of emergencies, detection of abnormal findings on physical assessments, reporting of findings, and clinical decision making. In collaboration with the supervising physician, provide routine medical treatment based on policies, protocols, and practice agreements appropriate for licensure for treatment of acute medical problems. Provide appropriate information and education to patients.
  • Participate in on-going sessions with supervising physicians regarding medical care responsibilities.
  • Immediately report any problems or unusual occurrences to supervisor.
  • Attend all meetings and/or training sessions as required.
  • Other duties and/or projects as assigned.


Minimum Experience and Skills Required:

  • At least three years of experience in a clinical setting and two years of administrative/supervisory experience in ambulatory public or community health setting.
  • Effective communication and writing skills.
  • Proven track record of organization, attention to detail and ability to respond promptly to requests, anticipate organizational needs, and maintain efficient office operations.
  • Knowledge of HIV disease treatment and services, including case management.
  • Excellent oral, writing, and computer skills.

Education, Licenses and/or Certifications Required:

  • Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP): MS in Nursing; Physician Assistant: BA/BS, higher degree preferred.
  • Current New York State Licensure or Certification.

Preferred Qualifications:

Bilingual English/Spanish.

How To Apply


Please forward resume by email to, and reference the job title in the subject line.