Nurse Practitioner - Mobile Health Center

September 7, 2018

Essential Functions:

  • Render to adult patients those medical services normally expected of an internist or family practitioner in office practice: Examine, diagnose and treat medical illnesses, evaluate health status, initiate therapeutic and preventive measures, and make appropriate and necessary referrals to specialty and other consultative medical services. Those medical illnesses which are treated include the entire spectrum of general internal medicine, including out-patient management of HJV disease.
  • Carry a patient caseload consistent with quality of care and productivity standards.
  • Communicate on an ongoing basis with other health care providers and other staff on all aspects of the health needs of patients.
  • Complete all necessary paperwork connected with duties, including progress notes in the medical records, completion of all forms required by the data collection system of medical center and all outside reimbursement and regulatory agencies and organizations.
  • Attend medical staff meetings and conferences as required.
  • Maintain professional competence through participation in outside conferences, and other continuing medical education activities.
  • Participate in teaching paramedical personnel by imparting understanding of the rationale and methods of diagnostic and therapeutic activities on the job on an on-going basis, and when requested, in a more formal manner.
  • Participate in after-hours telephone triage coverage on rotational basis.
  • Assist in peer review chart audits and other appropriate quality activities.
  • Supervise the patient care activities of paramedical personnel assigned to work with him/her in patient care.
  • Provide care to patients with acute or subacute medical problems. This responsibility includes the recognition of acute symptoms, management of emergencies, detection of abnormal findings on physical assessments, reporting of findings, and clinical decision making. In collaboration with supervising physician, provide routine treatment based on policies, protocols, and practice agreements appropriate for licensure for treatment of acute medical problems. Provide appropriate information to patient.
  • Provide care to patients with chronic disorders. Initiate requests for indicated diagnostic tests, begin appropriate pharmacological therapy, adjust prescribed medication as needed, monitor compliance with treatment plans, and ensure continuity of care. Provide direct nursing treatments, administration of medications, and other nursing services as needed.
  • Develop and implement a plan of care for each patient, including additional diagnostic studies; treatments, including prescribing medications within protocols under physician's supervision; referral to other health care providers and for social services; teaching, counseling, and assisting patients and other involved persons to assume responsibility for self-care, prevention of illness, and promotion of health; document and complete all patient encounters and follow-up in a timely manner in accordance with agency and regulatory policy; follow-up to assure continuity of care.
  • Participate in on-going session with supervising physician regarding medical care responsibilities.
  • Assist in developing procedures and protocols for patient care.
  • Work at other clinical primary care areas, as assigned by supervisor.
  • Participate in peer review sessions and other Quality Improvement activities.
  • Maintain and increase clinical skills by participating in professional training.
  • Collect and report statistical data on services provided to patients.
  • Immediately report any problems and/or unusual occurrences to supervisor.
  • Attend all meetings and/or training sessions as required.
  • Practice accepted infection control measures in accordance with the OSHA Bloodborne pathogens standards and Center policies and procedures.
  • Other duties and/or projects as assigned.


Minimum Experience and Skills Required:

  • 1-2 years of experience in Ambulatory Care Setting and Community Health Care.

Education, Licenses, and/or Certifications Required:

  • Nurse Practitioner or Physician Assistant Certification
  • Current New York State License
  • Board Certification

How To Apply

Please forward resume by email to, and reference the job title in the subject line.