Sippin' & Spillin' Presents: Uncuffin SZN

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We all know “cuffing season” takes place during the colder months, but what happens when the weather heats up? Sippin’ & Spillin’ welcomes you to our end of summer event—UNCUFFING SZN! Come wine down with other brown girls as we discuss the pleasures of self-love, safe sex, and everything in between. RSVP HERE

Do you have a sex or relationship question? Ask us anonymously! We'll be answering them during the event.

The purpose of Sippin’ & Spillin’ is to create a safe space for women of color to empower themselves to take control of their sexual health. The Sippin’ & Spillin’ series uses the topic of HIV and STI prevention as a means of addressing other topics relevant to sexual health such as healthy relationships, self-love, and healthy sexuality.

*Sippin' wine. Spillin' tea. Workin' to end HIV.*