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FOCUS ON…Being an Out CEO in Pride Month with Daniel Pichinson, MBA, President and CEO of Ryan Health

June 28, 2024
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Pride Month means a lot to me because I know what it represents. It is a celebration, but also much more.

Before I began my healthcare career, I was an activist fighting for care, treatment, and funding for those living with HIV/AIDS. That battle was about respect, dignity, and life. As the first openly gay president and CEO of Ryan Health, I am proud that we were leaders in providing HIV/AIDS care in the 1980s when others shunned that responsibility. That commitment to leadership meshes with my outlook in ensuring justice and fairness for all, and is one that I take seriously.

I have been working in healthcare management and policy for almost three decades. The ability to be authentic has been key to my professional success. It has helped me approach problems, discover solutions, and have meaningful interactions with others without fear of reprisal. Colleagues and partners aligned with this vision inspire me, but I know that not everyone has that same opportunity.

As president of Ryan Health, I can implement policies that ensure our LGBTQIA+ patients and team members can be their authentic selves. I can work with our team to smash healthcare inequities and disparities that negatively impact the LGBTQIA+ community and provide a level playing field. In my early activist days, I pledged to dedicate my career to removing stigma in healthcare settings and creating an environment where everyone is welcome and treated with dignity.

Our gender-affirming care program is just one example. What started out as a project at Ryan Chelsea-Clinton, where I was executive director, is now a network-wide program at Ryan Health. A way to treat trans patients and others in the LGBTQIA+ community with respect and gender-affirming care engages not only our team members but also our partners to bring individuals into our supportive setting. Those individuals who have been avoiding getting care are now being seen.

As a gay man leading this organization, I can initiate programs to eliminate negative healthcare interactions based on perceptions and identities and design a healthcare environment that is positive and welcoming for the LGBTQIA+ community. And I can provide insight into the LGBTQIA+ community for policymakers and elected officials who are deciding where important and limited resources need to go.

We are still fighting for respect, dignity, and life, but we are also celebrating the strides we have made. My job as a healthcare leader and spokesperson for underserved communities, like my LGBTQIA+ community, is central to who I am. Pride Month reminds me that each and every one of us is to celebrate the best of ourselves and positively impact the community however we can.

In solidarity,


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