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Introducing UJIMA: An Employee Community Group committed to supporting the inclusion of Ryan Health’s Black employees

February 21, 2022
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As we celebrate Black History Month, we want to share what we are doing at Ryan Health to promote diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging at Ryan Health for our staff.

Diversity and inclusion initiatives must establish a solid foundation and provide the necessary resources to support underrepresented groups across race, gender, sexuality, and ability. Safe spaces for these groups are important to any organization’s success, which has led to our creation of UJIMA — our first Black Employee Community Group (ECG). We are committed to taking the steps, big or small, needed to build a stronger workplace for all.

First, what is an ECG?

As part of Ryan Health’s diversity program, we have created several Employee Community Groups (ECG). These are groups of employees drawn together by a common purpose or characteristic, and supported by the organization. Your workplace may have ECGs too. The purpose and goal of these groups is to connect people who possess common traits and help them improve the organization and increase employee job satisfaction.


UJIMA’s mission is to promote individual and collective growth for Ryan Health employees who are Black, African American, Caribbean, and of African Descent. Our focus is on networking, recruitment, retention, learning, mentoring, and professional development opportunities for the advancement of Black people at Ryan Health.

UJIMA will maintain an open forum for exchanging ideas and serving as a source for educational and professional development opportunities.

UJIMA will be a valuable mechanism to:

  • Build a culture that fosters innovation.
  • Offer Black employees access to leadership opportunities.
  • Establish programs and activities aligned with UJIMA’s mission.
  • Provide upper management with access to innovative concepts and unique solutions to challenges faced by Black employees. For example, be a reference point to best practices on discussing sensitive issues and current events.
  • Recruit more Black talent.

Our Vision is Clear

Our vision is to create a safe space for individuals belonging to the Black/African diaspora to support, nurture and foster networking and professional development at Ryan Health. As a Ryan Health patient, you might see and feel the pride and support our staff have for their individual backgrounds and collective cultures. We encourage that, because UJIMA will champion three key values:

  • Celebrating culture,
  • Ensuring career development opportunities, and
  • Fostering community.

Ryan Health recognizes that building a diverse and inclusive organization starts with intentionally creating a culture that embraces and celebrates people’s differences. Diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging initiatives are a core part of who we are, and that helps us provide better health care for our patients.