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The Ryan Health Network – for everyone.


The Ryan Network

The Ryan Network Idea

An important influence on the Ryan Network, former Congressman William F. Ryan laid the foundation for the Network when he said “healthcare is a right, not a privilege.” This has remained the main objective of all of our sites since the Network was born in 1967.

The Ryan Network Family

The six centers in Manhattan that make up the Ryan Network support culturally diverse communities most in need of medical assistance. Part of the Community Health Center movement, the Ryan Network strives to provide affordable, quality medical services at a fraction of the cost. Patients can expect to be treated with dignity, confidentiality and respect.

The Extensive Ryan Network

Working alongside the Ryan Network’s six primary sites (William F. Ryan, Ryan-NENA, Ryan/Chelsea-Clinton the Ryan Women and Children’s Center, Ryan/Adair and Ryan/Frederick Douglass), the Network’s service sites also include five community residence sites, six School-Based Health Centers and a fully equipped mobile medical van. The service sites are fully coordinated with all services at the main center sites.

The Ryan Network History

A decade after being set up as a demonstration project in 1967, the William F. Ryan Community Health Center was established as a freestanding healthcare facility with its own community-controlled Board of Directors.

The Center’s stability, direction, and quality of leadership led to its expansion in the late 1980s through a merger with the NENA Comprehensive Health Council, forming the Ryan-NENA Community Health Center. This also led to the center being granted a loan from a private lending institution to build a full-scale, 35,000 square foot state-of-the-art facility (the primary Ryan Center at 97th Street).

In 2001, the Ryan/Chelsea-Clinton Community Health Center opened in Midtown West, and in 2009 the Ryan/Adair Community Health Center opened in Harlem.

In June 2010, the Ryan Center opened the Women & Children’s Center, with a Women’s Health Department; Pediatric Department; Mental Health Department; Prevention, Education, and Outreach (PEO) Services; and a WIC/Nutrition Program. In June of 2016, the newest location, Ryan/Frederick Douglass, opened its doors on Frederick Douglass Blvd. in Harlem.

Four of the Ryan Network’s six primary sites have Medical Residency programs, which began at Ryan/Chelsea Clinton in 2007, at Ryan/Adair in 2009, and at William F. Ryan and Ryan-NENA in 2011. Residents and attending Preceptor Physicians are in place from Mount Sinai St. Luke’s, Mount Sinai West and Mount Sinai Beth Israel Hospital Centers.

Ryan Network Leadership


Brian McIndoe, MPA

President and Chief Executive Officer
Jonathan Swartz, MD, MBA
Chief Medical Officer

Jose Virella, MBA, M. Ed.
Chief Financial Officer

Ana Taras, MPH
Chief Strategic Development

Jonathan Fried, Esq.
General Counsel

Jessina Carroll Wachtelhausen
Chief Nursing Officer

Barbara Hood, MBA
Chief Information Officer

Lisa Marie Feliciano, MBA, SPHR
Chief Human Resources Officer

William F. Ryan Community Health Center

Samuel Bartels, MPH
Executive Director

Jaime Khemraj, MD
Medical Director, Infection Control Officer,

Director of Quality Improvement

Rashanna Lynch, MD
Associate Medical Director

Women & Children’s Center

Bob Fohngho, MPA, CMPE
Executive Director

Gary Eddey, MD
Medical Director


Ryan – NENA Community Health Center


Leslie Pargament, MBA

Executive Director

Jessica Braswell, MD
Medical Director

Ryan / Chelsea-Clinton Community Health Center (sub-recipient)


Daniel Pichinson, MBA 

Executive Director

Ellen Birenbaum, MD
Medical Director

Ryan/Adair Community Health Center and Ryan/Frederick Douglass Community Health Center


Charles Shorter, MSW

Executive Director

Radeyah Hack, MD
Medical Director


William F. Ryan Board of Directors

  • E. Ronald Guy – Chair
  • Harriet Chan King – Vice Chair
  • Humberto Cruz – Treasurer
  • Valeria Spann, MSSW – Secretary
  • Arnaldo Barron
  • Philip Chen
  • Miguel Delgado
  • Lucille Dolloway
  • Margaret Gramins, MBA, MPH
  • Atif Abdul Haqq
  • Juli Harkins
  • Joe Haslip
  • Hope Mason, MPA
  • Milta Zeno, MSW
  • Ronnie Lowenstein
  • Brian McIndoe – Ex Officio

Ryan / Chelsea-Clinton Board of Directors

  • Walter Delacruz, Esq. – Chair
  • Sarah Boucher – Vice Chair
  • Carmelo Cruz Reyes – Treasurer
  • Howard Long – Secretary
  • Harriet Chan King
  • Hope Mason, MPA
  • E. Ronald Guy
  • Margaret Gramins, MBA, MPH
  • Jermel Hawkins, MD, MPH
  • Michael Williams, LMSW