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Unlocking Healthcare Excellence: Behind the Scenes

March 28, 2024
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Amidst the bustling corridors and compassionate care you experience at Ryan Health lies a dedicated force often unseen—our advocacy efforts. While this may not be at the forefront of your mind, our tireless work shapes our very ability to deliver the best healthcare services to you and your loved ones.

You might not have ever considered that—and that’s OK! Beyond the patient rooms and waiting areas, we're working with elected officials and policymakers to expand our services and ensure access to our providers. Advocacy to us means always being a voice for our patients and communities.

Over the years, we have made significant progress with our advocacy efforts that allow us to deliver and expand our services. Right now, we are advocating for inclusion in the 2025 State budget several items to enhance our care for you. These include:

  • Providing Payment Parity for Telehealth: Recognizing the vital role of remote care and ensuring equitable reimbursement for telehealth appointments, mirroring in-person rates.
  • Reforming the Medicaid Reimbursement Rate: Addressing a long-overdue update that hasn’t happened since 1999, ensuring fair compensation amidst rising operational costs.
  • Empowering Certified Medical Assistants: Allowing them to administer injections and vaccinations under the watchful guidance of licensed healthcare professionals.

Ryan Health has tremendous support from policymakers and elected officials in Albany. Together, we advocate for and help shape legislation that benefits our organization, our dedicated team members, and, most importantly, our patients. So, as you walk through our doors, remember that behind the scenes lies a tapestry of advocacy woven with care, dedication, and your well-being at heart.

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