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Getting the Kids Ready for School

August 23, 2023
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It’s time for back to school! Students return to New York City schools on September 7. All students must meet specific requirements to maintain their health and be ready to learn.

Students must be up to date with their vaccines and have their annual physical and vision exams to attend school. The number of vaccine doses your child needs depends on their age, grade, medical history, and if they have received vaccine doses in the past.

NYC Public Schools recognize that vaccines protect children from getting and spreading diseases. The website states: “We require children aged two months to 18-years old who are entering or attending care, public school, or private school to be vaccinated against certain diseases.”

“Getting students ready to learn means ensuring they are healthy,” says Lauren Perry, DO, Family Medicine Physician at Ryan Health | Frederick Douglass. “Vaccines, physicals, and mental health checks are important to learning. We want to keep kids at their best.”

Don’t wait to make your Ryan Health appointment for vaccinations and physicals! We want to ensure you can get your appointment when you need it. It’s best to act now. And it’s easy to make that appointment online or call 212-749-1820!

In addition, Ryan Health’s school-based health centers feature a full array of primary care services, including vaccinations, physicals, bloodwork, and acute and chronic care treatment.

Mental health services are also available to help students who may still feel isolated or anxious due to the pandemic. If your child is experiencing anxious or depressive symptoms, or if you have any mental health concerns, there are professionals at school ready to help. We provide mental health services and counseling in individual, family, or group sessions. Services include crisis intervention, suicide prevention, and chronic management for conditions like depression. Contact the Ryan Health staff directly at the school to discuss the best way to set up a session.

“Our school-based health centers are an on-site resources for students to make appointments with providers, receive vaccines and other health guidance, or just ask questions about their physical and mental health,” says Lydia Yeager, DNP, MSN, RN, CPNP-PC, AE-C, Director of Care Management, Director of School-Based Health.

For more information and to get your student registered to use School-Based Health Center services reach out to us at


Ryan Health has school-based health centers that serve:

PS 11, William T. Harris School

PS/IS 180, Hugo Newman Prep

MS 54, Booker T. Washington Middle School

Edward A. Reynolds West Side High School

Park West High School, which serves five schools on one campus:

The Facing History School

Manhattan Bridges High School

Food and Finance High School

High School of Hospitality Management

Urban Assembly School of Design and Construction

PS 64, which serves three schools on one campus:

PS 64, Robert Simon School

The Earth School

Tompkins Square Middle School

PS/MS 188, The Island School